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Repair Services

We are only able to assist you with Graf von Faber-Castell and Faber-Castell Design Writing Instruments.  Please do not send any other manufacturers writing instruments to Faber-Castell. You will need to contact the manufacturer of other writing instruments directly for their repair service options.

Fine Writing Technical Support

Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST
Phone: 1-800-311-8684  
Email: consumer@fabercastell.com

Returning Writing Instruments

  • Include a note indicating what the problem is that you are experiencing. Within the note, include your return address and daytime contact

    Estimated Repair Time

    2-4 weeks from receipt for standard repairs.

    This estimated time may be exceeded depending on the amount of work and the availability of the parts your request requires.

    Items that are required to be returned to Germany will take approximately 4 -6 weeks.

  • Empty fountain pens of ink.
  • Do not tape or glue parts together.
  • Please ship using a protected, traceable service. Please Note: Faber-Castell is not responsible for items lost or damaged prior to receipt.
  • Do not send original packaging or gift box to prevent damage.
    Repair Address:
    Faber-Castell USA
    Attn: Repairs
    9450 Allen Drive, Suite B
    Cleveland, OH  44125

Repair Status Questions


Repair Information

How do I send my writing instrument to Faber-Castell?

What do you charge for repairs?

Where do I send instruments outside of the United States?

How do I send my writing instrument to Faber-Castell?
Please be sure to empty ink from fountain pens.  Wrap the pen in a protected fashion so that it is secure and does not incur any further damage.  Do not send original gift boxes or packaging that is dear to you due to the possibility of damage during the shipping process.

*It is very important to include a note indicating what the problem or request is, along with your return address and daytime phone number.  This information is requested so that we ensure we are addressing your concern.  Your paperwork accompanies your instrument throughout assessment and repair.  

*It is also very important to ship the pen in a protected, traceable fashion.  Do not send your instrument in a letter size mail envelope using the post office and expect for it to arrive safely.  UPS, FedEx, Priority Mail etc. – in some fashion where you are able to track the package if need be.

What if the repair has exceeded the amount of time estimated?
Your instrument is placed in line for assessment as received and logged in.  All parts are assessed, not only the part or functionality you may be questioning.  

There is the possibility that a part required to correct the instrument is not readily available.   

Depending on the servicing required along with the necessary parts, there may be a delay.  We appreciate your patience in these cases and will return the instrument to you as soon as the work is complete and the instrument is fully functional.

What do you charge for repairs?
Instruments that have been damaged or do not fall within the guarantee will have a repair service charge applied.  Each individual repair is different.  The amount of work required along with the possibility of replacement parts will vary and will determine the charge.  

We will not begin work on the instrument until a Faber-Castell representative contacts you with an estimate along with the details of what will take place.  Once we have your approval, we will proceed with repairs.  

What are my payment options?
The Faber-Castell representative contacting you with the estimate will be able to assist you using a Visa or MasterCard.  Although our website allows other payment options for online ordering, repair processing will accept Visa or MasterCard only.

All payment information will be submitted by phone.  For your safety, we do not keep your financial information on file.

Where do I send instruments outside of the United States?
Faber-Castell USA will only accept repair requests for customers located in the United States.  If you are inquiring from another country, please visit our International listing for all other locations.

What is your Spare Part Policy?
Spare parts are not available for purchase.  If the Graf von Faber-Castell or Faber-Castell Design instrument you have needs to be maintained, it will need to be returned to Faber-Castell USA.  This includes situations where parts have been lost and/or damaged.

Spare parts are used in our Repair Service department only.  Faber-Castell USA will not send spare parts individually.  The instrument is required to be returned for proper assessment.  We request the instrument back to ensure proper fittings and functionality.  This is also done so that your warranty is not jeopardized.  

Once the instrument is returned and assessed, a Faber-Castell representative will contact you by phone with an estimate to complete the request.
Not all parts required for the instruments are readily available.  We may need to special order a part from Germany.  There is no additional charge for this.